Palm Springs International Short Fest 2010, festival opener - Andrew Chesworth

An animated noire story.

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"Unicorn vs. Narwhal" by Adrian Molina (Story artist at PIXAR)

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I think this is still my favorite animated video on the internet. 

"Crischan en la Senda del Destino" - Oscar Triana / OEI

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3D Illusion Sketch Drawings - Nagai Hideyuki
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3D Illusion Sketch Drawings - Nagai Hideyuki

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"Paper Prometheus Trailer" - The Receptionist

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"Furiko" ("Pendulum") - Tekken (featuring Exogenesis pt. 3 by MUSE)

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"La Serenissima" (1981) Rondò Veneziano 

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"The Adventures of Tintin" [Unofficial Tintin Titles] - James Curran/Slimjin Studios


Unofficial title sequence for ‘The Adventures of Tintin’, featuring elements from each of the 24 books.

Spielberg saw this, invited him to the premiere and gave him a job on his next film. Great story.

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Terry Gilliam teaching animation. In 1974.

// (from the BBC “Do-It Yourself Animation Show” hosted by Bob Godfrey)

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